At the Throttle
Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark      Ely, NV

At the Throttle

Articles by Mark Bassett, Executive Director

A selection of reflections & research, and guest submissions, examining the history of the Nevada Northern Railway, the Ghost Train of Old Ely. 

Originally published in the weekly edition of the Ely Times.    These articles are written by Mark Bassett, Executive Director of the White Pine Historical Foundation, operator of the Nevada Northern Railway Museum.  Mark can be reached at the museum (775) 289-2085 or e-mail here

28-Apr-16 One Unusual - Project Nevada Northern Railway HY-RAIL #18
10-Mar-16 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
17-Mar-10 Bringing Freight Back to the Rails
10-Mar-10 Snow, Steam and Pink Shower Caps
10-Feb-10 A Steaming Miracle
27-Jan-10 Starting with a Bang
23-Dec-09 Twelve Days of Christmas at the NNRy
9-Dec-09 Climb Aboard
25-Nov-09 Polar Express Steams Up
14-Oct-09 Ghosts, Ghouls, UFOs, Trains, and Preservation
23-Sep-09 The Queen is Steaming Again
2-Sep-09 Working in the 19th Century in the 21st Century
29-Jul-09 The E-Ticket Ride Continues
15-Jul-09 Telling the Story
17-Jun-09 Experience History and Technology Hands On
10-Jun-09 This Place Matters
27-May-09 A National Treasure
20-May-09 Nothing Like It
6-May-09 The Little Engine That Could
29-Apr-09 Buildings of the Nevada Northern Railway
8-Apr-09 Official Nevada State Locomotive 40
1-Apr-09 Our Second Century of Steaming
25-Mar-09 2008 in Review
4-Feb-09 No. 93 - One Lucky Steam Locomotive
14-Jan-09 Locomotive 93 Returns to Service
10-Dec-08 A Nevada Northern Railway Christmas
19-Nov-08 Nevada Northern Railway Museum Is Alive and Kicking
12-Nov-08 Volunteering for W-O-R-K
29-Oct-08 Are You a Member?
15-Oct-08 Still Steaming and Open!
23-Jul-08 Good News about Repairs to Loco 93
16-Jul-08 Track Rehabilitation
25-Jun-08 The Best of Nevada
18-Jun-08 Project Updates: Steam, Diesel, & Track
21-May-08 Steaming by the 4th of July
16-Apr-08 Season Starts With Volunteers' Help
26-Mar-08 Volunteers Keep the Trains Rolling
5-Mar-08 Steam Locomotive Repairs Lead List of Preservation Projects
20-Feb-08 21st Century Steam
30-Jan-08 Shoot-outs, Preservation, and the Polar Express
9-Jan-08 Challenges and Changes
21-Nov-07 Volunteers Recognized
7-Nov-07 All Aboard for the North Pole
31-Oct-07 Haunted Train Scary; Workload Scarier
10-Oct-07 Scary Times Along the Nevada Northern Railway
26-Sep-07 Teen RailCamp 2007
19-Sep-07 Time Warp Photography
12-Sep-07 We Did It! Replacing the Gleason Creek Bridge
5-Sep-07 I Finally Got To Blow the Whistle!
29-Aug-07 It Does Come In Threes
18-Jul-07 Saving Our Bacon
11-Jul-07 Challenges
27-Jun-07 Engaging the Younger Generation
13-Jun-07 2012 Was a Great Year
30-May-07 Changes Big and Small
16-May-07 Pssst…Wanna Buy a Bridge?
9-May-07 The Museum as a Duck
2-May-07 Where's the Museum?
27-Apr-07 New Old Passenger Cars
13-Apr-07 Going to Camp
6-Apr-07 Where Do Our Visitors Come From?
30-Mar-07 I've Been Working on the Railroad
23-Mar-07 Water, Sewer, and History
9-Mar-07 Perils of Progress at the Nevada Northern
2-Mar-07 Shop Talk
23-Mar-07 2007 Winter Photos
9-Feb-07 Time Warp Photography
2-Feb-07 Steam and Toilets
26-Jan-07 Outfit Car 06 - The Journey Continues
12-Jan-07 A Journey with Outfit Car 06
22-Dec-06 One Day - December 16, 2006
15-Dec-06 Facing the Future
8-Dec-06 Do You Know the McGill Depot?
1-Dec-06 If the Shop Could Talk
24-Nov-06 Lost in Plain Sight
17-Nov-06 Preservation of the Nevada Northern Railway
3-Nov-06 All Aboard for the North Pole
27-Oct-06 Become a Time Traveler
20-Oct-06 What Are We?
6-Oct-06 Centennial Recap
29-Sep-06 Three Cheers for Requa!
22-Sep-06 A Centennial Invitation
15-Sep-06 Preserving Nevada
1-Sep-06 Capturing a Dream - Part II
25-Aug-06 Capturing a Dream - Part I
4-Aug-06 An Open Letter to Dirty Jobs
21-Jul-06 One Picture
14-Jul-06 Nevada Northern Locomotive No. 20
30-Jun-06 Steaming Daily
23-Jun-06 Reflections
16-Jun-06 Still Steaming
26-May-06 The Race - Part II
12-May-06 Nothing Like I Imagined - Fire and Water
5-May-06 Museum Update
28-Apr-06 Where There's Smoke There's Pollution?!?
21-Apr-06 Must a Teenager Die on the Tracks?
7-Apr-06 The Adventure of the Displaced Depot
31-Mar-06 The Race
24-Mar-06 The View from Overseas
17-Mar-06 Nothing Like I Imagined
3-Mar-06 Museum Update
17-Feb-06 Time Travelers Wanted
3-Feb-06 Steam Locomotives of Copper Flat
20-Jan-06 Just Don't Stand There...Volunteer
6-Jan-06 Five Hundred Years Gone in Five Minutes
30-Dec-05 New Year Resolutions
23-Dec-05 The Twelve Railroad Museum Days of Christmas
16-Dec-05 Where's the Museum?
9-Dec-05 Getting Our Shop Together
2-Dec-05 The Eye of a Newt
25-Nov-05 Annual Report - Part II
18-Nov-05 Annual Report - Part I
11-Nov-05 The Polar Express
4-Nov-05 Nevada Northern Railway Mysteries - Part II
21-Oct-05 Nevada Northern Railway Mysteries - Part I
14-Oct-05 A Saturday in October
7-Oct-05 Ashpit
30-Sep-05 Conundrum
23-Sep-05 Keeping the Railroad Running
16-Sep-05 Museum Update
9-Sep-05 Steaming in the Silver State for a Century - Part II
2-Sep-05 Steaming in the Silver State for a Century - Part I
19-Aug-05 Nevada Northern Wrecking Crane 'A'
5-Aug-05 Steaming Daily
15-Jul-05 A Dubious Honor
8-Jul-05 Big Projects, Small Projects
1-Jul-05 Making History
24-Jun-05 More Good Old Days on the Nevada Northern
3-Jun-05 101 Trains
27-May-05 Come Celebrate Long Steel Rails
20-May-05 Saving the Enginehouse/Machine Shop Complex - Part II
6-May-05 Saving the Enginehouse/Machine Shop Complex - Part I
29-Apr-05 Trains - A Study in Momentum
22-Apr-05 Spring Museum Update
8-Apr-05 Assembly Bill Introduced to Benefit Museum
1-Apr-05 Old Slobbermouth - Locomotive 80
25-Mar-05 The Ghost Railway and Photographs
11-Mar-05 The Queen of Steam - Photos
11-Mar-05 The Queen of Steam - Part III
4-Mar-05 The Queen of Steam - Part II
25-Feb-05 The Queen of Steam
18-Feb-05 The Good Old Days on the Nevada Northern - Part II
11-Feb-05 The Good Old Days on the Nevada Northern
4-Feb-05 I Want You to Volunteer for the Nevada Northern Ry.
28-Jan-05 Large Wheels, Missing Locomotive
21-Jan-05 Time Machine Found at Railroad Museum
14-Jan-05 Snow and the Nevada Northern Railway
7-Jan-05 Down the Track at the Shop
24-Dec-04 Preservation Paradox - Part II
17-Dec-04 Preservation Paradox
10-Dec-04 A Tribute to Jack Anderson
3-Dec-04 Steam & Cinders 2005
19-Nov-04 Is This Anyway to Run a Railroad?
12-Nov-04 All Aboard the Polar Express for the North Pole
5-Nov-04 Getting Ready - Cleaning and Painting
29-Oct-04 Shooting the Nevada Northern in 1970
22-Oct-04 Fall Museum Update
8-Oct-04 A Busman's Holiday - Part II
1-Oct-04 A Busman's Holiday
24-Sep-04 Planning for the Future
17-Sep-04 Balance and Tradition
10-Sep-04 Winter Photo Opportunities on the NNRy
3-Sep-04 Coaling Tower Dig
27-Aug-04 Shiny Rails
20-Aug-04 Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
23-Jul-04 A Peek at 2005
16-Jul-04 Ping-Pong Special
9-Jul-04 Can't See the Forest
2-Jul-04 Boxcar Fever
25-Jun-04 Reachable Past - Part II
18-Jun-04 Poetry in Motion
11-Jun-04 A Life Wasted Chasing Trains
5-Jun-04 Reachable Past
29-May-04 Still Steaming
15-May-04 Museum Update
8-May-04 Volunteer Training
1-May-04 Off and Running for 2004 with Half-Price Tickets
24-Apr-04 Any Track, Any Time, in Either Direction
17-Apr-04 Elbow Grease and Determination
10-Apr-04 Steaming into the Internet
3-Apr-04 Railroad Museum Secret Exposed!
27-Mar-04 Be a Time Traveler at the NN Railway Museum
20-Mar-04 Spring Update at the NN Railway Museum
13-Mar-04 Come Celebrate Long Steel Rails
6-Mar-04 Centennial Plans
28-Feb-04 Making Tracks - Where's Ely Junction?
21-Feb-04 Winter Activities
7-Feb-04 Keeping Them Steaming - Welcome Jack Anderson
31-Jan-04 Uniqueness and Exploration
24-Jan-04 The Yin and Yang of a Railroad Museum
17-Jan-04 Strategic Plan Summary
10-Jan-04 Snow and the Nevada Northern Railway
3-Jan-04 2004 Off and Running
27-Dec-03 The Spirit of Steam
20-Dec-03 It's 8003!
13-Dec-03 The Nevada Northern Railway and the IRS
6-Dec-03 Santa and the Nevada Northern Railway
22-Nov-03 Cable Cars and the Nevada Northern Railway
15-Nov-03 Photographers and Winter Steam
8-Nov-03 All Aboard the Polar Express
1-Nov-03 Railroads & Photography: 150 Years of Great Images
25-Oct-03 Uniqueness of the Nevada Northern Railway Museum
18-Oct-03 Projects and Accomplishments
11-Oct-03 Tom Sawyer and the Nevada Northern Railway
4-Oct-03 Not Just Any Old Ash Pit
27-Sep-03 Hey Buddy, Want to Rent a Locomotive?
13-Sep-03 Apples and Paint - Part II
30-Aug-03 Apples and Paint
23-Aug-03 Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
16-Aug-03 Why buy the Nevada Northern Railway?
9-Aug-03 Running Trains and Crystal Balls
28-Jun-03 Off and Running the Trains
21-Jun-03 Saving Coach 5
14-Jun-03 Heritage Tourism
17-May-03 To Be A Museum or Not To Be A Museum
10-May-03 Saving America's Treasures
3-May-03 The Ore Line - Part II
26-Apr-03 Who Rides and How Do They Find Out?
19-Apr-03 A World Class Museum
29-Mar-03 Carson City and the Next Generation
22-Mar-03 Economic Development & the Railroad
15-Mar-03 Volunteer Programs
8-Mar-03 B&O Railroad Museum Disaster
1-Mar-03 A Diamond in the Rough
22-Feb-03 Unsung Heroes
15-Feb-03 Museum Projects & Work Weekends
8-Feb-03 Steam, Smoke and Photographers
25-Jan-03 The Ore Line - Part I
11-Jan-03 New Year Planning
4-Jan-03 Steam Sells - Part II
21-Dec-02 Birth of a Railroad
14-Dec-02 Looking Back, Looking Ahead
30-Nov-02 Going to Carson City
23-Nov-02 Connections
16-Nov-02 Highball for Another 100 Years
9-Nov-02 Railroads, Romans & the Space Shuttle
2-Nov-02 Why Preserve?
26-Oct-02 Taking 93 to the North Pole
19-Oct-02 Trains & Taxes
12-Oct-02 Projects Three - Machine Shop & Engine House
5-Oct-02 Projects Three - Locomotive 40
28-Sep-02 Projects Three - McGill Depot
21-Sep-02 Volunteers Rule!
14-Sep-02 A special memorial
7-Sep-02 Steam Sells!
31-Aug-02 An Olympic Achievement
24-Aug-02 How to raise $5 million in five years
17-Aug-02 Anyone have $5 million on 'em?
9-Aug-02 Museum's more than just train rides