2016 Nov 11

The Supreme Sacrifice

It started with a question from Shane Peterson, “I am trying to get a sense of how the attached orders (to return WWI military dead) might have "looked" like. What kind of rail cars and standard practice would be used?” A simple question until you look at the orders; they are dated October 5, 1920 almost two years after the end of World War 1. Why were World War 1 dead being returned to their families two years after the end of the war? What is the back story? I was intrigued by the question and the orders. What happened and why?

Prior to World War 1, military dead were buried close to where they had fallen, in a hastily dug trench or pit. The bodies were grouped together and the dirt thrown back on top. A few words and the rest of the soldiers moved out, leaving the dead behind with little or no markings. That was the tradition until the Civil War.

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2016 Oct 21


The only constant in life is change. Life is not static. We like to think that it is, but it isn’t. People, organizations and countries all change and evolve. In 2015 and 2016 the Nevada Northern Railway went through growing pains. The railroad needed to evolve to keep up with current circumstances and it did.

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2016 Jun 29

An Award Winning Railroad - What Does It Take?

We did it again! The Nevada Northern Railway was recognized by Nevada Magazine as having the BEST Event in rural Nevada: The Polar Express! This is the fourth year in a row that we scored that award! And the competition is open to any event in rural Nevada.

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2015 Dec 24

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, the railroad has been very good this year. We will bring about 28,000 visitors to Ely this year, who will spend about $4,000,000 in our community. And Santa as you know, our Polar Expresses have been super busy. Why it looks like the railroad will have brought almost 4,000 visitors to the North Pole this year! And most of those visitors were from outside the community so they spent the night here. Wow! I know how busy you get at this time of year so I thought I should send you a letter on what the railroad would like for Christmas.

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