Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark      Ely, NV

This structure has obviously had a hard life.
Wow.  Look at what a little attention has brought
Several years ago the bunkhouse received the royal treatment.  What a difference!
Those beautiful, original 1912 boxcars of ours get repainted about every 7 years
Boxcar 1024, literally as good as new after over 100 years of service

Mother Nature Takes Her Toll - Be Part of the Solution

Spend a few days helping to push back the hands of time

Fast Facts

WHAT: Volunteers who can paint will spend some time together re-painting building and rolling stock that are in need of help.

WHEN: May 20-27th 2018, but you are welcome to help anytime.

WHO: Volunteers and friends of volunteers are welcome.

BRING: Painting clothes. We will supply the rest. It might be cold, it might be hot. Be prepared for either.

HOW:Email to let us know you are coming

BBQ: Did someone mention the BBQ? Sunday afternoon, May 27th we will throw a party for all of those who helped.

Sometimes good things, come out bad things. Last fall one of the 1907 garages was hit by a pickup truck and the driver drove off. The truck hit the building so hard it knocked it off its tie foundation. The front of the building was twisted, at first glance, it looked like the building could not be saved.

But then we got lucky, the Sherriff’s Deputies found the driver and the vehicle had insurance. A close examination of the building showed it could be saved, but it would be expensive. A settlement was offered by the insurance company that would cover the cost of repairing the building. It was accepted.

To do the repairs some of the siding had to be replaced. The siding was custom milled to match the existing siding. Of course the new siding would have to be painted. The last time this building was painted was some time in 1960s or 1970s. The desert sun isn’t kind to the dark railroad red paint, it fades it. So we had a choice, either paint the building in faded red paint or repaint the building in the proper color, we chose to repaint the building with the proper color and trim. And wow, what a difference as the photos show. An eyesore was turned into an asset!

The change was impressive and that got me to thinking, to maintain this look we need to repaint more buildings. What if we invited the public, members and volunteers to a paint weekend? And painted additional buildings? If one building could make such a change, image what would happen if we painted additional buildings. The change would be stunning!

So the week before Memorial Day is our very first Paint the Railroad Red Week and BBQ. We have big buildings and small buildings that all need a new coat of paint. We also have four boxcars that need repainting. Our goal is to paint as many buildings as we can that week. The railroad will supply the paint, brushes and ladders. What we’re looking for are bodies who want to come out and Paint the Railroad Red. If you can do the week fine, if you can only do the weekend that’s fine too. We’ll take any and all help.

To celebrate our accomplishments that week, we will have a BBQ Sunday afternoon, kick back and admire our work.

The first Paint the Railroad Red Week is from May 20-27, if can you participate lets us know. Give us a call (775) 289-2085 or drop us an e-mail at

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