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2018 Schedule Summary

Details of our 2018 schedule are being finalized.  Here is a summary of what to expect:

Starting Mid-April 2018:
   Fridays     4:30pm STEAM Train
   Saturdays 1:00pm STEAM Train
   Sundays    9:30am STEAM Train

Starting Memorial Day Weekend:
   Fridays     4:30pm STEAM
   Saturdays  1:00pm and 4:30pm STEAM
   Sundays    9:30am STEAM
   Mondays   9:30am STEAM
   Wed and Thru 9:30am DIESEL

Be the Engineer STEAM:   Available most days that STEAM operates
Be the Engineer DIESEL:   Can be arranged for almost anytime

Stay tuned!  On-Line ticketing, along with the full schedule (including special trains and events) will be available by early FEBRUARY 2018

Welcome!  Here's a quick summary of what's going on up here. 

Click on any event below for more details.  You can browse and book any Nevada Northern Railway events from this page.   Hover over a date on the calendar below to see all events for that day, then click to book. 

All of our trains feature on-board restroom, wheelchair accessibility, and snacks and beverages available for purchase. Also, remember members save on all events, and memberships start at only $30.

Excursion Train 90 minute train ride up toward the Ruth mine, pulled by a vintage locomotive.
You can ride in the passenger coaches, or the open-air flatcar, or consider one of the following upgrades:
Evening / Special Trains On most Saturday evenings in the Summer, and other selected times throughout the year we have a specially themed train.  They are a fun, new way to see the beautiful scenery around here.   Read more about these special trains.
  • Star Train
  • Rock'n Rollin' Geology Train
  • Restoration Rails
  • Wild West Limited
  • Steptoe Valley Flyer
  • Taste of Italy Dinner Train
  • Fire and Ice Fireworks Train
Be The Engineer You operate one of our vintage locomotives out on the main line on your own special run "up the hill" toward the old Ruth Mine.  Your hand on the throttle, Your hand on the brake.  Your hand on the whistle.  Run a locomotive.
Haunted Ghost Train Weekend nights in October we dare to dispatch a trainfull of brave souls "Up the hill", toward the Old Ruth Mining District in search ghosts and goblins.
Polar Express Weekends from Thanksgiving through Christmas come experience the magic of this season as we take a journey to the North Pole to meet Santa
Caboose Lodging Stay overnight in a working caboose parked on a siding in our railyard
Bunkhouse Stay overnight in a working railroad bunkhouse
Winter Steam Spectacular Railfans from around the world come to Ely to photograph winter steam.  Early February each year.

Hover over the date you are interested in for a complete list of trains and activities

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