Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark      Ely, NV

2015 Copper Coin Commemerating Locomotive #1(front)
2015 Copper Coin Commemerating Locomotive #1 (back)
2014 Copper Coin Commemerating Rotary Plow B (front)
2014 Copper Coin Commemerating Rotary Plow B (back)
2011 Silver Centenial Coin for Locomotive 93 (front)
2011 Silver Centenial Coin for Locomotive 93 (back)

Limited Edition Nevada Northern Railway Commemorative Coins

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For several years now the Nevada Northern Railway issues commemorative coins as a reward to our members.  These commemorative coins are generally issued in Copper, Cupper-Nickel, and Silver to represent various levels of membership. 

These very special coins are struck on the original United States Carson City Mint Coin Press Number 1 located in the Nevada State Museum in Carson City, Nevada. On February 11, 1870, this press struck the first coin bearing the soon-to-be-famous CC mintmark, a Seated Liberty Dollar. For nearly a quarter of a century it was used to strike the larger denomination pieces produced during the years the mint actually produced coins. Today, housed in what was the U.S. Mint in Carson City, the press is used to strike commemorative coins such as the special Nevada Northern Railway commemorative coins.

Copper     For 77 years, the Nevada Northern Railway hauled copper ore to the smelter and then hauled the refined copper to the interchange with the transcontinental railroad.  It is then very appropriate that each 2014 member of the railroad will receive a 100% pure Copper Centennial Coin.

Cupper-Nickel      Cupper-Nickel (yes, that is the correct spelling) is a special alloy of copper and nickel. It is very durable, and used in may industrial applications.  It is also used for coinage around the world due to its higher intrinsic value and durability.  The Cupper-Nickel coin is use to commemorate those who, in 2014,  contribute at the Centennial level and above.

Silver     It wasn't just copper than was mined in Ely, but silver too. In fact, so much silver has been mined in Nevada that the nickname of the state is "The Silver State."  Individuals who contribute at the Sustaining level and above in 2014 will receive the Limited Edition Centennial Coin in .999 silver with the famous CC mintmark. This unique keepsake combines the historic appeal of an exclusive commemorative coin and supports the continuation of the steam locomotive program at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum.

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