Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark      Ely, NV

Panoramic Virtual Reality Tour

Virtual reality tour of Nevada Northern Railway's Main Yard in Ely, NV

The amazing panoramic virtual reality of the Nevada Northern main yard and shops was created by Professor Howard Goldbaum of the University of Nevada. This is was created as part of his larger work, All Around Nevada.   Start the tour by looking at the map's instructions, below.  When you are ready to start the tour, hit the "M" button.

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Steve (North Bend WA) says...
Absolutely wonderful. Now I have to visit just to see this amazing place for real!
1st April 2018 10:56am
Kenneth Rex (Cincinnati OH) says...
One of the best railroad websites I've seen. I became a member recently and hope to get out there this year. Hope to spend a week. I've run steam in Poland and this is similar to Wolstyn operation.
23rd February 2017 8:37am
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Paul Sturtz (Albuquerque) says...
Been there 5 times, have bought four bricks in the names of my grandsons. Hope to get back there one day.
12th February 2017 4:04pm
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Ted (Lancaster) says...
Wow, the interactive map in full screen mode is the best I have EVER SEEN! Period.
Great job.
The bar has been raised.
13th March 2016 5:22pm
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