Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark      Ely, NV

Panoramic Virtual Reality Tour

Virtual reality tour of Nevada Northern Railway's Main Yard in Ely, NV

The amazing panoramic virtual reality of the Nevada Northern main yard and shops was created by Professor Howard Goldbaum of the University of Nevada. This is was created as part of his larger work, All Around Nevada.   Start the tour by looking at the map's instructions, below.  When you are ready to start the tour, hit the "M" button.

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Brian Smith (Spring Creek) says...
This is quite remarkable! I loved the rides and yard as well as museum! Must get back this summer.
11th March 2016 7:57pm
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Jim rosemeyer (Tigard) says...
Try to get there someday.
11th March 2016 1:20pm
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Bob (Brewerton, US) says...
Almost like being there, Very clever
5th December 2014 12:21pm
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