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Fast Facts

WHAT: Specially themed trains operate throughout the year.

WHEN: Check the schedule below for these special experiences.

DON'T FORGET:  These special trains usually sell-out in advance.   Make your reservation early. 

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Also keep in mind:
Haunted Ghost Trains
Polar Express Trains

WHAT: These special seasonal trains are our most popular events for the old and young alike.

WHEN: Haunted Ghost Trains dare to run the 4 weekends before Halloween. Polar Express operates Thanksgiving through Christmas

    Haunted Ghost Train
    Polar Express

In addition to our normal excursion train schedule, these specially themed trains run at selected times throughout the year.  See the complete schedule below for these special trains

Our trains feature on-board restroom, wheelchair accessibility, and snacks and beverages available for purchase.  All trains here operate on-time regardless of the weather, as they have for over a century, so be at the depot ready for boarding 45 minutes before the departure time.   Sorry, pets aren't allowed on trains or on the tours.  Certified service animals are always welcome, but please take necessary precautions for this somewhat noisy, industrial environment.

Rockin' & Rollin' Geology Train

A lively presentation by a local geologist talking about the railroad, mining history, and a show and tell of ore samples.   All of this as the century-old steam engine is pulling your train through the great geological "museum" right outside the window of your coach. Snacks and beverages are available for purchase on-board.   See dates and prices below

Wild West Limited

Join us for a wild-west evening aboard a steam train, complete with cowboys and horses.  Hold on to your wallet!  Those horse-thieving robbers have been known to hold up the trains running through these parts.  We guarantee the train will get back to Ely one way or another, and we sure hope you make it back as well to tell your friends all about it. 

Steptoe Valley Flyer

Travel back in time to enjoy a classic railroad experience.  The Steptoe Valley Flyer was the train that carried 4.5 million passengers from 1906 to 1941 to White Pine County.  The Steptoe Valley Flyer will be departing from the original depot, using the original First-Class Passenger Car 5 (built 1882), the original Baggage/Railway Post Office Car 20 (built 1906), and pulled by their original Steam Locomotive 40 (delivered here in 1910).  How cool is that?  Feel free to dress up in some of your grandparent's old clothes, sit back, and imagine that you and your family are immigrants, just completing a very long journey to a new land, and are about to arrive in White Pine County via this very train, sitting in these very coaches, arriving at this very station to start a new life here. 

Solar Eclipse Limited

There will be a nearly complete solar eclipse of the sun on August 21st this year as the moon aligns itself to as to cast a giant shadow onto the earth.   Ely will be about 90% of the way into the moon's shadow, which will make the landscape appear as a very dark brown color as it turn almost as dark as night in the middle of the day.  Join us for a special journey on the Solar Eclipse Limited as we head up toward the old Ruth Mining District.  We arrive at the end of the line just before the eclipse is at its maximum effect.  On the way up things will be getting darker.  On the way back they will be getting lighter. It will be a round-trip into the solar eclipse and back.

Special Solar Glasses are included for passengers on this trip so you can see the sun's eclipse directly.  This is a very rare opportunity to be on a train while a solar eclipse is transpiring. 

Taste of Italy   Dinner Train

This is an annual gala fundraiser for the railroad.   Your coaches will be pulled by one of our century-old steam locomotives for a trip on the Nevada Northern Railway mainline.   It will be our pleasure to serve you a classic, multi-course Italian meal, complete with flowing wine, and dessert.   Adults only on this train. 

Taste of Italy is generously sponsored by longtime supporters of the Railroad,

Fire and Ice

Where can you see fireworks shot off a moving steam train? Only in Ely! The Fireworks Express at the Nevada Northern Railway leaves the Depot at 4:30 p.m. in mid-January.  Fireworks are set off after nightfall.  Get your 'front row' seats to the fireworks.  Like many of these special trains, this annual train is generally a sell-out, so book early. 

Fourth of July

Join us for an evening trip the hill and back. We stop the train at a perfect viewing location to see Ely's Fourth of July fireworks display.  Either watch from the train, or bring your own lawn chairs.  It's a fun way to celebrate this Independence Day evening as a group with your train friends.

The Night Sky Star Train

For those of you who aren't fortunate enough to live up here in the inter-mountain rural West, you are missing our breathtakingly beautiful night sky.  For those of you who live in these parts, you may not have taken the time lately to stop and gaze at the Heavens.  Either way, plan a special night out with those beautiful stars of ours.

Our star train pulls out of Ely with the Dark Rangers of Great Basin National Park aboard.  These rangers love the night sky as much as we do, but probably know a whole lot more about stars than all of us put together.  They will guide us to find interesting things up in the Heavens on this journey.  We will stop the train away from town and have a special telescope for viewing the night sky.    Read more about this special event.

Haunted Ghost Train

Prepare yourself for a scary trip as we dare to send our haunted train up the hill on selected weekend dates in October.  Ghost stories  come alive, so-to-speak, as we see zombies, ghosts, ghouls, aliens and maybe even Big Foot. You never know what's around the next bend, and we've been sworn to secrecy.  See for yourself!  Costumes are encouraged unless you're just naturally scary.   View the Haunted Ghost Train schedule and see video of last year's event.

Polar Express

Join with us as the most magical train of the year, the Polar Express Train, once again heads to the North Pole to visit with Santa Claus.  Everyone knows that Santa loves trains.  On the trip to the North Pole, we serve hot chocolate and cookies and read the story the Polar Express.  Check out the Polar Express schedule and complete details.

2016 Ticket Prices and Dates
(not yet 4)
Time2017 Dates
Fire and Ice Fireworks$39 $20 Free4:30pm13-Jan
Rockin' & Rollin' Geology Train$39 $20 Free4:30pmMay 20, June 17, July 22, Aug 12, Sept 9
Wild West Limited$39 $20 Free4:30pmMay 27, June 24, July 15, Aug 5, Aug 26,
Steptoe Valley Flyer$39 $20 Free4:30pmJune 3, July 1, July 29, Sep 2
Pony Expres Limited$39 $20 Free4:30pmJune 10, Aug 8, Aug 19
A Taste of Italy$59 N/AN/A6:30pmSep 16
Fourth of July$39 $20 Free6:30pmJuly 4
Star Train$39 $20 Free7:00pmMay 26, June 23, July 21, Aug 18, Sep 8
The Solar Eclipse Limited$39 $20 Free9:30aMAug 21
Haunted Ghost Trains$39 $20 FreeSelect weekend nights in October
Polar Express$42 $25 FreeSelect days Thanksgiving through Christmas

Members receive discounts. Memberships start at $30


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Kurt (Saskatchewan Canada) says...
I rode the Steptoe Valley Flyer and it was perfect. Outstanding commentary; 100% authentic cars and locomotives; great scenery. Highly recommended. I hope to visit and ride again.
8th June 2015 9:42am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Robert Harris says...
I would like to thank Joan the curator for all of her work that she did.. As I was trying to book my ticket for the Aug 1st Step toe Valley Flyer. She went above and beyond to assist me in this, so I could join my friends in enjoying this experience! Thank you so much, this is just another reason why I recommend making the trip to Ely, and the NNRY to every one I know..
26th March 2015 7:58am
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