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Guggenheim Private Car No. 100 (2nd)
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Contributed by David Sellers


Solomon Guggenheim's former Nevada Northern Railway car No. 100, 2nd is currently under private ownership and resides at the Minerva, Ohio yard of Ohi-Rail Corp. David Sellers traveled to eastern Ohio during July 2001 and photographed the Guggenheim private varnish as it appears today. His images are published here for the first time.

A brief history of No. 100 is available on the NN Passenger Roster page. It may be helpful to consult one or the other of the floor plans to orient the photographs below in relation to each other.


All photographs on this page Copyright © 2002 David Sellers. All rights reserved USA and International.



" other single property ever approached the implications of prestige of the private car
and its exalted status in the general fancy." — Lucius Beebe


Exterior Views    
Ohi-Rail is based out of Minerva, Ohio on former New York Central trackage. Much of their business is in car storage.


They run the car approximately every six weeks to "keep her limbered up", and although mechanically sound, the Pullman-built palace car needs extensive restoration, or at the least, cosmetic work.


Interior Views    
Master Bedroom
Through Observation Platform door
Observation Room facing towards vestibule end
Dining Room facing towards the vestibule end of the car. The door on the far left leads to a hallway past the servants' section and the galley beyond. Some original equipment (sink fixtures, mirrors, etc.) remain in the car.
Dining Room facing towards the Observation Platform. The door in the background leads to a hallway towards the right.


"The End"    
Observation Room
Observation Platform
Where railroad barons and copper kings once trod.
Some fourscore years later, fireman and longtime contributor to these web pages, David Sellers, experiences a faint taste of the luxury and opulence afforded captains of industry to whom private cars were considered a necessity of both social status and business.




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