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Private Car Ely — Photo Gallery
Contributed by Michael Baksic


Former Nevada Northern Railway private car Ely (No. 101, 2nd) currently resides, and is proudly displayed, at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL. Michael Baksic, Superintendent of Passenger Cars at the IRM, volunteered to photograph the interior of the Ely as it appears today, specifically for viewing on these web pages. These photographs were taken on 04 March 2001 at the IRM and are published here for the first time.

A brief history of the Ely is available on the NN Passenger Roster page. It may be helpful to consult the floor plan of the Ely to orient the photographs below in relation to each other.


All photographs on this page Copyright © 2001 Michael Baksic. All rights reserved USA and International.



"Prize collector of varnish equipment in the Far West, however, was the Nevada Northern..." — Lucius Beebe



Observation Room



From the rear open platform, one enters the Observation Room with chair seating arranged for five plus an armless settee. Ahead and to the left is the aisle way leading past the State Rooms towards the dining area.

In this photograph, on can discern the damage sustained to the ceiling when the car was stored outdoors before its present protected site that prevents such deterioration due to the elements.

This photograph views the Observation Room from the aisle hallway looking back towards the open platform at the end of the car.



State Rooms



The accommodations in State Room A, with rich wooden paneling and a brass, twin-size bed are depicted in the photographs above left and center.

State Room B with full-size brass bed (above right). Perhaps this best captures and epitomizes the luxury of private car travel. All that is missing is the hot cup of cocoa (or evening bracer) and a good book.

The lavatory facilities shared by the two State Rooms shows the hopper with wooden appurtenances and metallic wash basin. The shower is located behind and to the right of the photograph. Notice the full-length dressing mirror on the back of the door.



Dining Room


Leaving the State Rooms one continues down the passageway entering the Dining Room (above left). Situated at the far end is an office area with desk and accessories for accomplishing the business of the day (above center). Notice the curved wood and leaded glass. Spinning on heels from the office area, we view the dining room from the opposite end, with a view towards the passageway leading a back towards the State Rooms and the Observation Room beyond (above right).
The photograph to the left captures the Pullman "Sunburst" spindles located between the Dining Room and Open Section. This motif is repeated throughout the Ely.



Open Section


Beyond the Dining Room is an Open Section. Note the concrete floor ahead in the crew space.
Here one open section has been made up for night use. There are no lights at all in the lower berth.



Porters Quarters




In an earlier time, this would have been referred to as the "Servants' Section". The kitchen with the range in the background can be seen in the photograph above left.

The Porter's toilet (above center) is somewhat less luxurious than the amenities enjoyed by the owners in the State Room area.

The Porter's Open Section (above right) is across from the kitchen at the front end of the car.




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