Nevada Northern & Railroads of White Pine County


DL&W Business Car No. 97 

Former NN No. 100 (2nd) Guggenheim Varnish 


DL&W General Drawing No. 9536-T

This undated floor plan line drawing of former Nevada Northern private car 2nd #100 was evidently produced sometime after it was redesignated as No. 97 between January 1951 and January 1954, from its previous No. 3 specification.

There are some changes to the original plan, most probably accomplished at the same time that the "Ice System" air conditioning was applied in July 1938. Additionally, many elements relating to the trucks, draft gear and couplers have been replaced.

"Pocono" likely refers to the DL&W business car of that name. "MCC&T Co". is projected as the acronym for McConway & Torley Co. of Pittsburgh, the manufacturer and patent-holder of the first automatic (Janney) coupler. They remain a leading manufacturer of couplers and car-connecting systems to this day.

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    Notes on the drawing

  • This is a newly rendered reconstruction of DL&W general drawing No.9536-T. The copy of the original drawing is of extremely poor quality, apparently due to compounded rounds of photocopying, and is unsuitable for viewing.
  • Strikethrough is reproduced according to the original drawing.
  • Any errors are purely accidental and the responsibility of Keith Albrandt.


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