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Nevada Northern No. 100 (2nd)

Private Guggenheim Varnish


Drawing of the private car of Solomon Guggenheim. It is a copy of the third reissue (C) of the original Pullman drawing and was retraced by the Nevada Northern Railway on 21 Dec 1934.

  • Reissue A (11 Sep 1915) indicates a fan in the servant's section.
  • Reissue B (17 July 1916) indicates adding a lamp over the sofa in the observation room.
  • Reissue C (26 Dec 1918) indicates hopper tops applied in private rooms A & B (but not in the servants' section).

Compare this drawing to that rendered in later years after its sale as DL&W No. 97.


Courtesy of the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum.

Click on the image above for a large version showing details.


Each private room was furnished with a brass bed but of differing dimensions. The larger accomodation in private room B measured 4 feet in width whereas private room A sported a more petite model of 3 1/2 foot width.

The sofa in the observation room was convertible into both a lower and upper berth. This represents one difference from lot 4357, Atlantic Coast Line business car No. 300, that shares the same Pullman plan 2895.

Reportedly, Solomon R. Guggenheim had himself elected President of the Nevada Northern so that he would qualify for the personal railroad car. And although authors Beebe and Wayner contend that SRG's private varnish was named Nirvana, primary documentation is lacking.

S.W. Eccles was president of the Nevada Northern Railway in 4Q 1917. Solomon R. Guggenheim held that position from at least 3Q 1918 through 2Q 1934 when he was succeeded by Daniel C. Jackling.



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