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These cars were not owned by the Nevada Northern Railway but were known to have some relationship with the property.


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Business Car 1st Cyprus

Built by Pullman (plan 2429, lot 3701). Consigned to Daniel C. Jackling 19 July 1909. Builder’s photos dated 20 July 1909.

Sold to Julius Fleischmann in 1920 and renamed Middleneck. After his death (05 Feb 1925), sold by the Fleischmann Transportation Co. to the Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway as office car No. 200 Hopedale, and on their roster through the 1950s.

Sold to a restaurateur and became part of the "Essex House" restaurant, 525 Northfield Ave., West Orange, New Jersey. Extant as of November, 2002; in use for dining service during the week. Advertised for sale.


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P&WV No. 200
P&WV Observation Car 200 at Pittsburgh, PA, 16 May 1959
Bob Rathke photo;
used with permission.




Standard Pullman Car Dana

Designated for the Denver & Rio Grande, the Dana began service over the "Ely Route" on 08 April 1907 for Pullman service presumably between East Ely and Salt Lake City.

Without additional documentation it is purely speculative that the following entry from the Pullman records corresponds to the Dana referenced above.

Dana built by Pullman Chicago works 05 May 1891 (plan 784D, lot 1805; 12 section / Drawing Room) for Denver & Rio Grande General Service.

Rebuilt to plan 784E (12 section / Drawing Room) prior to 1900 and retained the name Dana.

Designated as tourist car 1662 in January 1915.


The NNRy discontinued all Pullman service on 13 November 1920.

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Business Car Oceanic

So-called private car of S. W. Eccles, one time president of the NNRy. There is no other substantiated data on this car with regards to Eccles..

It is speculative that the following entry from the Pullman records corresponds to Eccles' Oceanic.

St. Nicholas built by Pullman Detroit works in June 1877 (plan 63, lot 45; 10 section / Drawing Room / Hotel). Reconfigured to plan 63K in August 1887.

Renamed Atalanta October 1898.

Reconfigured to plan 63R, private car and renamed Oceanic November 1899.

In 1901, Oceanic was part of the Pullman private car pool. It therefore seems likely that Eccles had chartered the car on a per diem basis in his capacity as President of the Nevada Northern Railway and/or his duties with ASARCO.

Sold to General Charles L. Millar October 1913.


S. W. Eccles was appointed president of both the NNRy and the Nevada Consolidated Copper Company when the Guggenheim interests of New York obtained control in March 1906.

The Oceanic served as the venue where Eccles rehired Adolph Judell, the road's original engineer, to complete the line to the Robinson district on 30 April 1907.

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