Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark        Ely, NV

Ride with the Engineer in the locomotive cab.  See what it is really like up-front

See what it is like to be up-front with the engineer.

Ride With the Engineer

Locomotive Cab Ride in a Steam Locomotive

Fast Facts

WHAT: You will ride up with the engineer on one of our passenger trips.

WHEN: By reservation, so make plans in advance.  See schedule below.

WHO: The cab can accommodate only two visitors, age 12 and up.

BRING: Gloves, sturdy shoes or boots, long sleeve shirt and long pants.

HOW: Schedule your date now
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Can I Ride in the Cab of the Locomotive?

Yes, up to two people can ride in the cab of the locomotive. You will be "front and center" for a journey to the past. This is your ticket to a locomotive cab ride, along with the engineer and the fireman, up in the cab of one of our steam locomotives or vintage diesel engines as we head up toward the Old Ruth Mining District from the East Ely yard. You will see the railroad as very few visitors ever have the chance to see it.  In the cab, with the engineer, you will be able to see the track ahead and watch the fireman shovel a ton or more of coal on the trip.

You will be going through two tunnels, climb 2.5% grades. Up toward the end of the line there is a wye. We will turn the train around and head back down to Ely. This is real standard-gauge mountain railroading on one of America's best-preserved short-lines.

So what are you waiting for? You can be an eye-witness to how railroading was in the last century. Make your appointment with history.   This limited opportunity is only available to two ride-along passengers in the cab on each trip.    Advanced reservations are strongly recommended. Use the calendar below to find an available date.

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Drive a locomotive out on the mainline, be at our next photoshoot, or spend an entire week learning first-hand what railroading is all about.

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NOTE: Riding with the engineer in the cab of a locomotive requires sturdy closed-toed shoes,  gloves, a long sleeve shirt and pants, all made from all-natural material (cotton. wool, leather - no synthetics).   The cab of historic locomotives are hot and noisy. They were not designed with visitors in mind.  There are no restrooms, extra seats, or handicap accommodations in the cab.  This is for able-bodied adults only, however one rider under adult supervision may be 12 years old and up. 

Locomotive Cab Ride - Ride-along in the cab of a locomotive

Prices and Discounts

2020 Ticket Prices
$135 per person - less Member Discount

Members earn 10% to 90% discount depending on level

The calendar below shows all train rides available.
Ride with the Engineer is still available on some of these dates.
For the moment, you will have to put the train ride in the cart first
to see if it is still possible to Ride with the Engineer on that date.

January 2023
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Comments (1)

Kurt (Saskatchewan Canada) says...
I rode with the engineer on steam locomotive #40. It was a great experience. It gave me a whole new appreciation and respect for what it takes to operate steam locomotives. Would definitely recommend.