Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark        Ely, NV

Historical Railroad Movie Set

Film a movie on-location in this unique rural Nevada location

Fast Fact

LOCATIONS: Mountains, canyons, valleys, original railroad yard with 1910-era depot, historic railroad equipment, tunnels, and cuts.

STRUCTURES: On our fifty-six acres we have forty-nine buildings. The vast majority of these buildings and structures were constructed between 1906 and 1917.

EQUIPMENT: Operating steam and diesel locomotives; passenger equipment; cabooses; steam and diesel wrecking cranes; boxcars, assorted ore cars and hoppers, tank car; flat cars; rotary snowplow; ballast hoppers.

HOW: Contact us at 775-289-2085 or


"Among all railroad historic sites anywhere in North America, the Nevada Northern Railway complex at East Ely is - no question in my view - the most complete, most authentic, and best cared-for, bar none. It's a living American treasure and a stand-out one. Historic tracks, original depot and office building, engine house, freight shed, three original steam locomotives, five historic and rare wooden passenger cars, Kennecott diesel engines, sixty early freight cars, working machine shop, foundry-even the coaling tower and water tower that are icons of the site-everything is still there."

--- Wm. Withuhn, Curator Emeritus, Division of the History of Technology, Smithsonian Institution

Working Environment

The Nevada Northern Railway is a non-profit historical foundation whose mission is to maintain and operate what has been acclaimed as the best preserved railroad facility on the continent.  When you film here it is a win-win. We help you make a great period movie and our reasonable location fees help the Nevada Northern Railway Foundation fulfill its mission.

Drones, donkys, dirigibles, and anything else you can imagine are all permitted along the entire right-of-way. It's Rural Nevada.  Here, we have over a century of experience being flexible about things.

Once Upon a Texas Train, filmed on location at the Nevada Northern Railway

The railroad scenes in Willy Nelson's  "Once upon a Texas Train" was filmed on the Nevada Northern Railway - staring our Locomotive 40 and our historic "Outfit Car"

An entire railroad is at your disposal for a Western movie location.
Filming taking place on location at the Nevada Northern Railway

A perfect location for Western-themed music videos

We can supply both steam and diesel locomotives, freight and passenger trains, tunnels, mountains, valleys, and flat open vista, as well as historic depots, furnished offices and heavy overhaul facilities all from the 1920's.

Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi's Black Train Video

A recent video shot at the Nevada Northern Railway by Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, who is said to be the Bruce Springsteen of Japan.
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  • Matt Costa's Cold December Video

    Yes, it gets cold and snowy here in the Winter. We are just over a mile high in elevation. Perfect for cold weather filming.
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